Alfréd Hajós 
The first Hungarian Olympic Champion, swimmer, footballer, architect. 

He recieved his diploma at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He worked in the office of Ignác Alpár, and later with Ödön Lechner. As a sportsman he was swimming, running, he was doing gymnastics, and he was playing football on an excellent level. His nickname was „Hungarian Dolphin” that had been given by sport press. In 1896, at the first Olympic Games of modern times, he won not only the 100 m long (1:22.2), but also the 1200 m long (18:22) fast swimming events. In 1904 he retired from active sports. At the Olympic Games of 1924, he won silver medal – with Dezső Lauber – in the intellectual games with his stadium plan. His bust stands in the National Swimming Pool, named after him.

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Alfréd Hajós National Swimmingpool
Address:1138 Budapest, Margitsziget
Phone: +36 1 450 4240, +36 1 450 4230

The country’s biggest water sport center, the National Swimming Pool is located o the Margaret Island, which was built in 1930 according to the plans of Alfréd Hajós. (The outside pool and the diver pool were designed in 1937 by Paul Csonka.) The building was augmented with an outside practicing pool in 1958, with a 50 metres long outside pool, with a diver wall and a 25x25 metres pool in 2006 because of the European Swimming Championship.

Margaret Island, Budapest’s most beautiful park

The 2,5 km long, 500 m wide Danube-island is not only the capital’s most beautiful park, but it is important in historical and literary aspect. The island is currently named after the daughter of King Béla IV, Margaret, who the king ordered a royal abbey to be built for. It was converted into a park according to the decision of Palatine Joseph, his biggest tree is a sycamore tree, planted after the flood of Pest, in 1838. The park was a beloved resting place among writers, poets from the 19th and 20th century. János Arany, Gyula Krúdy, Sándor Bródy, Ferenc Molnár spent years here. The reconstructed premontre church and the art promenade, the rose garden, the musical fountain and the Palatinus Swimming Pool are beloved sights on the island.

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